Our Team. Dedicated restaurant service

Above anything else, Goreamex restaurant values people…

Both our customers and our team members are what’s most important for us!
Our dedicated, service-oriented team works hard both back at the kitchen and around the tables in our dining hall…

We want you to feel our friendliness and courtesy, as well as the hard work that our cooks input to all the meals we serve!

Ben Sheridan

Chief Cook

Ben is a professional of the top level with many years of experience in food service industry. His kitchen works like a clock because he is not only a good chef but a perfect manager.

Linda Ray

Sous Chef

Linda is not only a talented sous chef, she is a true handy lady with a lot of skills that she got in different restaurants all over the world. Linda is the right hand for Ben and the whole team.

Cary Breadstove


This lady is responsible for all meal that our customers eat. With love and care, she transforms a raw piece of meat into an amazing juicy steak. Just like magic.

Nelson Mangola

Kitchen Hand

Every professional kitchen must have a strong man in the team to deal with several tasks fast and calmly, so you can get your meal at the right time, because you deserve it.

Diane Dinnery

Dessert Chef

Diane does fantastic bakery that you will fall in love with, once you taste anything like cookies, cupcakes and much more.

Jennifer Perry

Kitchen Hand

Jennifer cooks everything very fast with the speed of lightning. If you have a lot of visitors and we have no Jen, we are in a big trouble.

Brandon Hernandez

Sous Chef

Brandon is a master of cooking. His talent helps him to come up with new recipes for our menu, which you can see and taste in our restaurant.

James Beans

Prep Cook

James is one more person who checks your food at the final stage. He will do his best to bring your only the best experience.